Habakkuk Chapter 2
We are a ministry called by the Living God to build and develop a family
of believers who have chosen to be an example of the New Commandment that
Jesus gave – The Commandment to love. This will cause the unbeliever to take
notice and want to know the God that we love and serve. 
Jeremiah Chapter 3
Our mission is to teach the people of God with knowledge and
understanding so, they can obey, pray, worship and live the blessed life
that the Word of God has promised us through the power of the Holy Spirit. 
Pastor Cummings Testimony
Revelation Chapter 12

Pastor Robert L. Cummings, Sr. never met his biological father or spent a day with his biological mother until the age of 40.  He grew up in a household of violence that lacked love and guidance and was introduced to drugs at age 11. When he entered high school, he was a very disturbed teenager with no direction.  After graduation and almost 2 years of college, he entered the U. S. Army where he found discipline and structure throughout his 26 years of service.

Yet, it was not until September 16, 1981 that Pastor Cummings life truly changed — after his wife (Cherl) prayed for his deliverance. And as he opened his heart to Jesus Christ, he was filled with compassion for others. Pastor Cummings answered the call of God to ministry and from 1982 to 1994 he ministered in prisons and juvenile institutions in both California and Nevada.  

Pastor Cummings was a dedicated member of Crenshaw Christian Center (CCC), in Los Angeles, California for 29 years, a loyal employee of CCC for 18 years, ordained a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in 2004 and served as a member of the pastoral staff at CCC for 7 years.  He also served as Chaplain for the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers for 7 years.  God called Pastor Cummings and his wife, First Lady Cherl, to full-time ministry in Palm Desert, California in 2011.  They obeyed and formally established Palm Desert Christian Center and the Total Youth Development Training Center July 2, 2011.  


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